Just like LEED building structures, there has been a movement to certify parking structures that make their parking environmentally friendly. When it comes to parking structures, the largest carbon footprint marker is what structural material the project is designed with. It is believed that concrete is a material that has a negative impact on sustainability.

To address this hypothesis, The Precast Concrete Institute (PCI) performed a full life-cycle assessment (LCA) on precast concrete and other similar structural systems, steel and cast-in-place concrete, to measure and compare the environmental impact of each building material. They found that despite most perceptions of precast concrete being environmentally unfriendly that it has a s...

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When designing a parking structure, the first decision that needs to be made is what structural material will be selected. Structural material on most parking garages will represent 50% of your total budget. There are three primary options to consider: Cast-in-place (CIP) concrete, steel framed, and precast concrete. Each one of these building materials has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The first material you can consider is precast concrete. Almost all garages that can be constructed using precast concrete are currently precast because of its architectural versatility, reduced construction time, and managing risk on job sites.

Because precast concrete is produced off-site in controlled conditions and cast face down to the form, wh...

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East Texas Precast is the leader in precast parking structures in Texas, but we get questions from all over the country about parking projects. We took some of our most commonly asked questions, and went to the experts for the real answers: Cesar Diaz, Noli Alarcon, and Chad Snyder (Bios below).

1. How does someone determine the number of parking spaces they need?

Cesar: Typically, this answer would come directly from the Owner who would, at that point; have a very good idea how much parking they would want at the very least. We would check this wish list item against local codes to assure that we are providing, at the very least; the minimum required parking for such building typology.

Noli: Number of spaces typically comes from the owner ...

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Did you know that roughly 30% of our cities lands are used up by parking? Parking is an essential need for almost any land development in America, and many places have requirements for parking that have to be met depending on what your building is. The video below by Vox describes how this process works and how it came about.

One of the best ways to meet these requirements with the ever shrinking land available to us is with parking garages. Parking garages give the advantage of being able to put more parking spots in a smaller footprint saving valuable space over the conventional parking lot.

East Texas Precast is starting one of the tallest above ground parking structures in the United States. Located on the 94th block in Downtown Houston we are starting our newest 1151 piece, 13.5 level structural precast garage. This garage was contracted to use by Hoar Construction, designed by Gensler, and was engineered by Walter P. Moore.

The 94th block in Houston is in the heart of downtown. This parking garage is surrounded by hotels, apartments and restaurants. It is located directly across Rusk Street from the historic Texaco building, which is now The Star Apartments. It should really serve a vital role in facilitating parking needs for the Downtown Community of Houston.

The 13.5 level garage will have a 252' x 120' footprint, and w...

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This week East Texas Precast is glad to have finished an amazing parking garage for the Flower Mound community. This 333 piece, 3 bay garage was built for Riverwalk Medical Park in Flower Mound, Texas. The garage features a brilliant thin-brick exterior. This brick finish is a great example of precast concrete's versatility in design. As you can see in the photos below we are able to achieve the aesthetic beauty of brick in a parking garage, while also having the usual benefits of precast concrete like strength and production speed. If you're interested in learning more about precast finishes check out our architectural resources on our website at


We hope that the over 450 parking spaces in the garage helps provide adequate parking for the surrounding medical facilities, and helps to improve the Flower Mound community. We'd like to thank our partners Schwob Building Company, Datum Engineers, and Architeriors for helping in this project, and as always keep tuned to for more updates on our projects.

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Parking in an urban downtown can be a hassle at times. But East Texas Precast is looking to help alleviate that problem for Dallas. Last week we began construction on a new 1090 piece, 11 story parking garage located at 502 & 504 St. Paul Street in the heart of Downtown Dallas.

This garage, which is contracted by Schwob Building Company, designed by Omniplan, and engineered by Datum, is not without complications though. Because of the tight building constraints, seen below, that are present in many urban environments particular care is having to be shown when lifting and placing our precast concrete pieces into place. And requires unique crane configurations.


But despite these challenges we at East Texas Precast are eager and excited to deliver one of our most impactful garages yet in the Dallas area.

East Texas Precast has reached substantial completion on a gorgeous parking garage for Domain Tower in Austin, Texas. This was a two phase garage that totals four parking bays wide, and eight parking levels high. The initial first phase of the garage was only two parking bays, and eight levels high. The first phase was completed and in use while the second phase was installed.


The second phase of this garage added an additional 811 pieces of precast and two more parking bays. This expansions primary purpose is to anticipate higher parking demands in the area upon the completion of the Domain Tower right next door. The Domain Tower is expected to house up to 12,000 new employees in the area, so additional parking is an obvious need for the area.

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East Texas Precast has reached substantial completion on our garage for the Marriott Hotel in the CityPlace community. This 276 piece garage come with some unique challenges in the erecting process. Because of the rapid expansion and construction around the CityPlace there was very tight spaces for our cranes to lift and place our precast places into place. As you can tell in our initial job site photo below our crane is just feet away from the Marriott Hotel job site behind it, and this was the case for the whole of the erection process.


But even through this challenge we were still able to finish a gorgeous, two bay, four level garage. That should provide plenty of parking for Marriott and their guests. We'd like to thank Austin Commercial for contracting us, and Hgs Limited for designing the garage. We believe that once the CityPlace community is finished that our garage will be performing a vital role to help the community function.


And as always keep an eye out for more East Texas Precast news because we have a busy end to our year ahead.

Earlier this week, senior management provided Prairie View A&M's engineering undergraduates a tour of our facilities. Dr. Ramalingam coordinated a tour for his students in his reinforced concrete class. In addition, Prairie View Mayor David Allen joined to represent the city. The group came to get some hands on experience in seeing how piece tickets are drawn and how pieces are made, after they learned the theories behind reinforcing concrete.


The tour covered our entirety of our outside facilities including our pouring beds, batch plant, aggregate storage, welding shop, QC lab, and carpentry shop. During the tour the entire production of a precast/prestressed concrete was displayed, along with general ideas behind the advantages that precast gives.


Nothing beats hands on experience. That is why tours like this are just one of the many things that East Texas Precast loves to do to help inform and educate the future of the construction community in Texas.

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